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The Rugby Bricks Podcast

Nov 12, 2019

Our guest today is Monty Betham. Monty is a league legend who played 101 tests for the NZ Warriors from 99 - 2005, 9 test matches for New Zealand, had a boxing career with an 8 - 1 record and now a presenter for Sky Sports, Personal Trainer at his gym in Auckland, owns a non-profit foundation called Steps For Life and now a partner at Indigo.

Monty was involved with one of the most prosperous periods of growth at the New Zealand Warriors when the team reached the grand final in 2002. His boxing career is one of the most successful to date with an 8 - 1 winning record barely losing to Shane Cameron and he has appeared on Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Treasure Island and a regular presenter for Sky Sports on both League, Boxing and the Olympics. 

In this episode, Pete and Kale (Rugby Bricks partners) jump into Monty's pre-game rituals, how Monty turned down his largest-ever salary to pursue a career that followed his purpose, how to plan for success and how talent can be outworked when talent doesn't work. 

If you want to find out more about Monty and his work you can find him at:


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