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The Rugby Bricks Podcast

May 13, 2020

Stephen Larkham is a retired Australian rugby union player and World Rugby Hall of Famer, currently in the role of senior coach for Irish provincial side Munster, who compete in the Pro14.

Larkham has been recognised as one of the best first-fives to play for Australia and during his peak, he was one of the best in the world at 10. This mastery has now been channelled into his rugby his coaching game and was one of the reasons behind the success of the Wallabies in the 2015 Rugby World Cup as the attack coach.

In this episode, we take a deep dive with Larkham on:


  • His days as a player and his transition from 15 to a 10 and his continued dominance in this role

  • The golden era of Australian rugby and how they created a world-class rugby team that believed they could win any game they played and taking home a world cup

  • His time as a coach at Munster and the depth of his key players within his squad and how they’re using momentum as a key part of their attack game

  • How everything can become a competition and why this edge was important for creating a winning culture in Australia’s golden era and how it rubs off as a leader too



This was an incredible episode where you get to see what one of the best players in the world achieved during their playing days and then how this has translated to a world-class coaching career. This is a true bridge between the world of an athlete and a coach.

Get a pad, get some notes and start learning on this one.