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The Rugby Bricks Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Mike Cron first began working fulltime with the All Blacks in 2004 and after many years as the All Blacks Scrum Coach, moved into a wider role as the Forwards Coach in 2012. Mike has been coaching since 1982 and is recognised as one of the most innovative and respected coaches in the world. 

Mike has now retired from coaching the All Blacks forwards and is now focusing on creating a mentoring platform for young players and coaches who are coming through the ranks. This is the first time Mike has appeared on any form of media outlet for a long-form interview and the value in this episode over-delivers. We cover: 

  • Mike’s ability to learn from a range of different professional sports including the NBA, NZ Royal Ballet, NRL, sumo-wrestling, shotput and many more

  • The two core contact points of your feet and shoulders in the cleanout, maul, ruck and scrum and how to transfer power through these points to maximise dominance in the game

  • How to explain and deliver drills to athletes and gain their buy in when teaching new concepts and foster questions around why these drills are being taught and creating a safe environment for questions

  • What Mike teaches players when entering the scrum for greater body awareness and simplifying the scrum in a way where all eight bodies move in the same direction cohesively to gain dominance upfront 

There are so many more gems in this episode that these four highlight points barely scratch the surface. I’ve said this before but this is our best podcast yet and for me, it was one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had as a coach. 

If you’re a forward, back, coach or admirer of the game of rugby this episode will blow you away. I’ve listened to it four times since recording it and I’m still getting new insights. Listen, learn and repeat. 


Rugby Bricks - Detail

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