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The Rugby Bricks Podcast

Jan 14, 2020

Kelly Brazier is a sevens, touch, and 15's rugby national representative for New Zealand having accumulated 144 caps across the different codes. She's the third highest point scorer in women's rugby in New Zealand and holds the record for scoring the most points in a premier match in New Zealand women's rugby (64 points). 

Kelly made her national debut in 2009 and has gathered four world cup victories, a Silver Olympic medal, Commonwealth Gold which is all shared in this episode of the podcast. You're going to get a masterclass on the women's game - you'll hear:  

- How the Black Ferns prepare for their matches 

- How Kelly's personally prepares for her matches and exact pre-match routine

- How the Black Ferns analyze their opponents before facing certain teams 

- Her personal experience with IVF and her first child 

- How to look at space and create attacking opportunities and a bit of whack city across touch, 15's and sevens 

If you're a coach you're going to love the detail of what the Ferns are executing, if you're a player you're going to hear what it looks like to be a multi-sport athlete and create a decade of great footy and beyond.