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The Rugby Bricks Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

In this episode of the Rugby Bricks Podcast, we have a bit of a change of pace where I run through chapters that teach you how I create goals, how I look at projects and how you can apply this to yourself and your footy season this year. 

This episode is a 12-minute tactical look on how to make this your best season yet. I cover:

  • How to create goals that work for you and your season
  • How to create projects that you can execute on with measurable outcomes
  • Lessons from my best coaches and athletes I've worked with and how I use this for my planning
  • How I use a workbook and the exact way I write in this to help me get where I need to go 

This is our most tactical and instructional podcast yet and only takes 12 minutes to digest. If you want to nail your upcoming year as an athlete and as an individual this episode will set you on the right track for the year. 

Get stuck, outwork and outlearn.