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The Rugby Bricks Podcast

Nov 20, 2019

Emily or Bomber as she's known in the Wallaroos received her 1st Class Honours in Education Undergrad (at USYD) where she now works as the sport and fitness HR/events coordinator.

For Rugby, Emily has represented the Wallaroos Squad in 2016 and 2017. Was also the Australian Captain and player at the World University Games for the rugby seven’s in Wales in 2016, the NSW 7s co-captain in 2016, on the NSW 7s team from 2013-16 and has represented the XV Sydney team and Champions from 2015 to 2017.

Emily brings energy to whatever she's doing on and off the pitch and in this episode we chat about how to cultivate the "I Got You" attitude, how to spark culture and how to let your teammates know that you're always there to support them. 

Pete and Emily dissect the "Tall Poppy" problem that exists in New Zealand and Aussie culture and how to respect the work you've put in on the pitch and be proud of what you've achieved.