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The Rugby Bricks Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

Our guest today is Devin Markle, owner of Devin Markle Consulting. 

Devin has experience working with athletes at every level, from youth development programs, high school, and college through to Olympic and pro-athletes. She's developed curriculums for the NFL and the NBA Pre-Draft programs. 

Devin earned her Master’s degree in Counseling and Sport Psychology from Boston University. Following her training at Boston University, Devin earned certification by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. She is also completing her Psy.D. from California Southern University. She is also an Adjunct Faculty Member at California Lutheran University.

In this episode, we dive into understanding what is mindset and how athletes should think about this, the most common mistakes she's seen in athletes across all levels and how to create a world-class pre-game routine. 

You can find her at:


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